Emu (Dromains novaehollandiae)

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Emus are large flightless birds with strong, powerful legs and 3 toes on each foot. They have small wings and their body is covered with greyish-brown feathers. Emus have bluesish skin on their faces and necks.

Being omnivores, the emu eats leaves, fruit, flowers and insects. In the wild they live in small groups but they form flocks of thousands when migrating. Emus pair up in late summer in a relationship that lasts 5 months. Once the eggs are laid, females wander off, leaving the male to incubate the eggs. They usually lay 5 - 15 eggs per nest. During this time, the male does not leave the nest, not even for food and water. When the eggs hatch, after an incubation period of 53 - 61 days, the young stay with the male for up to 6 months.

The Emu's main threat is humans, but their conservation status is of least concern.

They grow up to 1.9m and can weigh up to 45kgs and you can see Emus over most of Western Australia.


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