Hyden (bush living at it's best) is a small broadacre farming community of 450 people, 340 kms from Perth and views itself as a 'self-help' town, a community that has always been prepared to invest in its future. Three local farmers - Russel Mouritz, Ben Mouritz and Philip Lynch, who with their wives and families have been dedicated to tourism in Hyden for over 50 years, developed an extensive tourism infrastructure.

Wave Rock as an attraction, received its first recognition in the early 1960's when an amateur photographer won the 1963/64 Kodak International Colour Picture Competition in New York for a photo of Wave Rock. This photo appeared on the front page of the "Walkabout Magazine" and shortly after, the "National Geographic" printed a major feature on the Rock.

During the 1960's a group of local farmers decided they needed a hotel, as a service for both the locals and visitors. Hyden had a reputation as a "town paved in bottle tops" as residents used to drink in the streets as the town only had a gallon license. A group of local farmers raised funds to build a hotel. This original building opened in 1964 and was built of tin and asbestos, consisting of 6 rooms, a bar, a lounge and a restaurant, kitchen and a laundry. Due to the increased popularity of visitors to Wave Rock - stage 2 another 27 rooms were built in 1986. Stage 3 was completed in 1995 featuring 7 more motel units, 3 luxury units with spas, a managers house, a caretakers flat, reception and entry lobby, a lounge, 2 additional restaruants, a comfortable beer garden and an outdoor pool.

Due to the commitment of the Wave Rock Hotel / Motel - funds have been generated to help establish the Wave Rock Caravan Park, the Wildflower Shoppe Cafe, the Wildlife Park, the Lace Place Museum, the Miniature Soldier Museum, the Pioneer Museum and many other local facilities.

The funds generated from the original syndicate have been put back into the community to generate tourism projects for the future. The main projects are the preservation of local flora and fauna, the Wave Rock Airport development to support tourism, the local St John Ambulance and the Flying Doctors (transfer station, airstrip lights and fencing), extensions to the roadhouse, the Wave Rock Walk Trail, providing Wave Rock and Cultural Tours, providing space free of charge for local volunteer and sporting groups for meetings / conferences etc (hotel restaurant and lounge), reclamation project for sustainability and improvement of the Lake Camm Rehabilitation. This is of interest as the encroaching salt is effecting Wave Rock and the Hippo's Yawn Face. 

There are six simple, yet powerful messages contributing to their success:

            Belief in one's community and it's destiny

            A spirit of co-operation

            A vision for the future

            Opportunity, obsession and readiness

            Willingness to embrace change

            A commitment to quality






Wave Rock Hotel/Motel

2 Lynch St, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5052
Fax: +61 8 9880 5041
[email protected][email protected]

Wave Rock Caravan Park

1 Wave Rock Rd, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5022
Fax: 08 9880 5018
Email: [email protected]

Road Conditions

All roads to Hyden have
sealed surfaces

For daily road conditions check the
Shire of Kondinin website, or call

+61 8 9880 5052
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