There is a wide range of things to see and do in Hyden Relax! Stay Longer, and try the 2 Day Experience! Plenty to see!

From walk trails to Indigenous tours and exploring the various landforms from the rock to Hippo's Yawn, The Humps as well as the iconic Lake Magic and The Salt Pond - make sure you stop in at the Wildlife Park and if it is Spring, embark on a beautiful journey to view the magnificent Wildflowers in Hyden.

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The Salt Pond Hyden
Explore The Humps and Mulkas Cave
The Wildlife Park Hyden
West Australian Wildflowers
Indigenous Tours Hyden
Hyden Street Scape Art
Pioneer Town Wheatbelt History
The Lace Place Hyden
Miniature Soldier Museum
Star Gazing Lounge

Things To Do Near Wave Rock

There is so much to see and do when you visit Wave Rock and Hyden!

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Wave Rock & Hippos Yawn
Wildlife Park
Mulka's Cave
Lake Magic
Salt Pool
The Lace Place
The Minature Soldier Museum
Pioneer Town History Museum
Hyden Street Scape Art
Stargazing Lounge
Events at Wave Rock



Caravan Park

Tours and Trails

Walk Circut
The Rock Walk
Hyden Rock Walk
Hippos Yawn Loop
The Breakers Walk
Walk Trails and Guided Tours
Indigenous Tours



Getting to Wave Rock
Plan your visit
Travel Advice
Hire Car
Coach Tours
Flight Tours

Eat & Drink

Bar & Bistro 
Sandalwood Restaurant
Gimlet Restaurant
Bush Bakehouse
Hyden Road House / Travel Stop

Wave Rock Hotel

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Wave Rock Caravan Park & Resort

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